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Alvin Goh

Associate Group Director • Reg No.: R012496Z • HP No.: +65 9367 0007

17 years ago, Alvin left his full-time corporate job as a marketing manager for a container company to venture into the real-estate business. It took him 1 year to consider whether he should leave the job because his wife was expecting at the time, so it required lots of courage to ultimately make this decision.

At the beginning, things did not go smoothly for him; he had to spend a large amount of time, effort, and money to make things work. Eventually, his sacrifices paid off as his business started to pick up and he had his breakthrough. Since then, Alvin has never looked back and he has never regretted his decision to leave his corporate career to step into the unknown.

What inspired Alvin to pursue a career as a property consultant was the difficult experiences that he had personally faced when he wanted to sell his house. He did not know what to do, therefore he engaged a property agent for assistance. Although things seemed okay in the beginning, the agent did not perform his job well and caused Alvin and his family many complications.

This unpleasant incident prompted Alvin to be an agent himself as he did not want other homeowners to suffer as well. This is also the reason why he constantly places his clients’ interests above his own, so that they can enjoy a painless and hassle-free experience. With 17 years’ worth of hard-earned experience in the industry, Alvin is a property agent you can definitely rely upon.