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Associate Group Director • Reg No.: R032044J • HP No.: +65 9002 6999

Doana has been in the real-estate industry since 2009, giving her over 9 years’ worth of experience to date. Before she started her journey as a property agent, she worked as an inter-bank money broker where she managed to achieve and hold approximately 10 bank accounts and a link despite her tender age of 19. Moreover, she was a qualified Education Success Coach for Mindchamps where she trained and coached in the Trend Setter Department.

As a veteran in the industry, Doana believes that an excellent property agent is one who fully understands the needs, demands, and wants of the clients in order to recommend the right home or property for them. Her proven track record of satisfied clients is testament of her commitment and professionalism, even when she is required to work in a group or is faced with tight deadlines. Another core value which she upholds is enthusiasm; she handles every project with gusto and her never-say-die attitude makes Doana an excellent property agent to work with.

For Doana, it is important for a property agent to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the real-estate market. Therefore, she constantly enriches herself by regularly attending training courses, conferences, and seminars. She also ensures that she is familiar with relevant knowledge including changes in the property market, current and new policies, and currency fluctuation so that she can advise her clients with comprehensive advice and industry insight.

According to Doana, her greatest achievement is when she has managed to build a personal bond with them, turning clients into lifelong friends.