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Kenny Lee

Marketing Associate • Reg No.: R062064I • HP No.: +65 8224 4539

As a Real Estate Agent, Kenny firmly believes that providing sound advice, coupled with detailed research and analysis, is the best method to assist clients on their real estate journey. He trusts that every client has a different end goal in mind and to ensure that every advice for his clients is personalized down to their individual priorities.

Having been an investor since 2013, Kenny has cultivated a habit of working very closely with facts and figures to ensure that every investment that he makes are a calculated risk. He watches the market movement and news very closely from resale and new launch price trends and even down to the latest interests rates. This allows Kenny to be closely in sync with the market. On top of that, doing research around the vicinity is a must, as it enables him to make better judgment on the potential of the property. Hence, he is able to act in the best interests of the clients and ensures that due diligence is done meticulously.

Be it for first-time home buyers or seasoned real estate investors, the advice that Kenny always gives his client is that there is always a good buy in the market but it is more important to always plan the finances ahead and have sufficient cash-flow before making any commitment. He also urges interested buyers to always ensure that they already have a roof over their head before purchasing a new property, just in case things unexpectedly go south.

“Always remember, there’s always a right time, to invest in the right asset, at the right price. The right questions deserves the right advice.”